In online slots you can decide on the monetary value of the bet yourself which can range anything from 0.25 cents to 5 dollars, once you have set the coin value that you would like to play you can decide on how many pay lines you would like to bet, keep in mind that if you decide to set your bet at 5 dollars and bet on 10 pay lines then the value of your bet will be 50 dollars.

There are many different types of machines that you can get in online slots, namely:

Multi-line slot machines: In a traditional online slot machine there is only one pay line which is in the centre, the top and bottom symbols do not offer any pay out at all. In a multi-line machine you can activate the top and bottom pay lines by adding extra money or by using the activation button. Some machines allow you to play more than three lines across and you can possibly play for lines running from left bottom to top right.

Multiplier games:

In multiplier games the more coins or money you decide to play, the more money you will win. For example some machine allow you to play up to a maximum of 5 coins, for each extra coin that you add to the bet, it doubles the amount of the payout and sometimes even more depending on which casino operator you decide to play with.

Progressive games:

These are the most popular type of slots and are also known as video slots, the progressive jackpot machines take a portion of the amount being paid and put it into a progressive pool. Once someone has the correct combination of symbols this progressive jackpot will belong to them which could amount to more than one million dollars.

It would also be a good idea to find a online slots game which has a bonus round facility, what happens with these games is if a combination of "bonus" symbols are obtained in a certain combination of line the bonus feature is activated and the machine will take you to a bonus round which could be choosing a box or playing a different kind of game. This could win you free spins or actual cash value and definitely is a "bonus".