Winnings depended largely on how good the poker hand was. There was a wide range of hands that could produce a combination that was capable of winning therefore it was impossible to come up with an automatic system for paying the winners. Liberty Bell was the first slot machine and was developed by Charles Frey. The machine had three spinning reels which featured horseshoe, diamonds, spades, hearts, and Liberty Bell. The machine was too simple thus the inventor was able to create an automatic payout system. There were also prizes of different flavored candy given when the symbols appeared on the winning hand

The Money Honey was the first electro-mechanical slot machine and was developed by Bally Manufacturing. The machine replaced the levers and springs with electrical gadgets. The outward changes really added to the gaming experience of the player. The use of electricity enabled the machine to produce flashy lights together with noise and sounds that boosted enjoyment.

A video poker slot machine was later introduced. At first the players were a bit skeptical of the video slot machines as they were not able to see the reels spinning. However the video slot machines in no time became very popular even up to date both in live casinos and online. Later as the years went by, people no longer needed the coins to play as the slot machines were then made to accept bills as a mode of payment. This allowed for more time to be spent at the machines. Next were the machines that could give bonuses and those that could allow a player to play multiple games while on the same machine. Now the trend being developed is the slots which require no cash. There is also the use of touch screen and most machines are being made in such a way that they have easy to use menus. Popularity of slots is spreading throughout the internet. Providers of the internet software are coming up with different types of features to be used for the online casinos. The online slot machines have excellent bonus games and amazing prizes at stake. More people around the globe are quickly gaining access to internet and are thus able to access online casinos, which offer numerous online slot variations.

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