Slot machines are mostly found in casinos and online slots can be accessed very easily over the web. Gambling has its origin in China. The year 1887 in San Francisco California, Charles Fey invented the machine which later came to be known the 'one-armed bandit', a machine which had three bells and ten symbols. The profits were realized when the three bells had the same symbol. It was called the bandit because the gamer was usually left without money thus the word bandit. In 1910 in partnership with Herbert Mills they invented the 'bell' machine that is being used to the present day. Technology later paved way for online slots which was much easier compared to the original machine.

Online slots are really gaining popularity however players are advised to be careful when playing as today's online slots are embracing technology and use random number generator (RNG) which is responsible for producing numbers that will appear on the wheels. Online slots can be viewed as a way of having fun in a profitable way. However, the player needs more practice before getting acquainted to playing the games in a casino this can be done through online slot games although they are complex and thus making it harder for the player.

The pro side of playing online slots is that the risk of losing money is very minimal and thus one can maximize on the profits of the games as real money can be gained through it. It is also readily available and the individual can play anytime they want to as opposed to getting a casino where they can get the game at a fee. The player can play anywhere saving them the hustle of traffic, noise, parking, congestion and the audience thus, a conducive area where the player can concentrate on the online slot game and polish their skills in this exciting game.

This great invention by Charles Fey and Herbert Mills has changed the perspective of how people have fun in a good way. A good website can offer the player a good environment for having a good time playing and getting returns in terms of cash as they enjoy themselves.

There is lack of interaction between players and the casino staff provided by the land based casino. This does not allow the player to ask questions when faced with a query. Therefore, provision of customer care services is not catered for in online slots and this lowers the quality of customer satisfaction In conclusion, online slots require minimum maintenance cost therefore offer better chances for winning bigger and better prizes.

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